One of the common situations regarding metabolism is similar to this one:

My metabolism seems to change daily, depending on how I eat/wear. So if I eat less, my metabolism drops.

The question arises: are there ways to boost metabolism outside of diet?

Metabolism itself is a resting metabolic rate or how much calories the body burns in a resting state. The higher the metabolism, the more calories are burned. Calories help to carry out different body functions like blood circulation, oxygen, nutrient, etc. delivery to the body, breathing, etc. Nutrition specialist Chen Ben Asher states that people can and should take other ways how to boost metabolism apart from a specific diet.

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Training with weights

Regular cardiovascular exercise can help to boost the overall metabolic rate. The main reason for that is that “metabolically active tissue—that is, it takes energy to maintain.” It is also scientifically proved, for example, a study in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” showed that subjects who did regular training for six months experienced 7% increase in metabolism.

High-intensity exercising

This can include various sports exercises like sprints, treadmill, flipping tires and others. The best time would be 20-25 min for each with pauses to bring the heart rate back. Two-three sessions per week should be enough for metabolism and weight loss. The science behind is that the oxygen consumption raise “elevates energy expenditure, potentially for up to 24-48 hours, which further impacts your metabolic rate long after your session ends.”

Staying hydrated

Apart from a diet itself, many people don’t see the importance of staying hydrated. The truth is that even a little dehydration can have a negative impact on metabolism. The amount of consumption mainly depends on the weight and lifestyle, for example, during exercise it is important always to have some water.


Stress generally has a lot of bad impacts on the body. It increases the production of “stress hormones like cortisol that can encourage fat storage.”

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Boosting metabolism includes the need to have a plan for a longer period to see the results. With the right combination, there will be results. What you eat and a mix of all of the other alternatives under supervision is the best way to go.


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