All the organs in the body are important for their specific functions, but when it comes to getting rid of the waste and toxins, the kidney plays the biggest role.

It acts as a filter system that “removes wastes, controls the body’s fluid balance, and keep the right levels of electrolytes.” Good nutrition is the key to good kidney health. However, with the situation nowadays (such as unhealthy food choices and stress), a lot of people find it a challenge to keep their nutrition in balance.


A good diet is essential for daily living, but even more crucial for a person with kidney disease. With a good diet plan for your kidney condition, you can:

  • Avoid muscle mass loss
  • Prevent any infection
  • Provide energy that is necessary for daily activities
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Slow down a progressing kidney disease

A well-balanced diet with the right amounts of vitamins, protein, and calories should be consumed every day. If you have kidney disease, dietary changes are necessary. For example, a Kidney Failure Diet Menu is strict and organized to the point. It may also include different medicines and nutrition supplements. We offer various tested and effective supplements for nutritional support like Balance Cellular MICA-1. A consultation with a specialist is necessary as the recommendation may differ from one person to another.

Having diet recipes that are specialized for kidney disease can be beneficial when done correctly. Nutrition for renal clients need special attention when it comes to mineral intakes, like those of sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. They also need to consider the amount of fluid they drink in their body. Clinical assessments, such as blood tests, will help identify the nutritional problems of a person with kidney disease


As a board-certified nutrition specialist, I can help list the most appropriate diet chart for kidney clients that will have a good result with time. With testing and further information, it is also possible to list foods to avoid kidney disease and diabetes (in case there is such, or a person is at the risk of having it).

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Avoiding the unhealthy foods is just the preliminary step in your lifestyle change. With the help of functional medicine, your kidney problems can get the proper treatment as it helps balance, not just the nutrients, but everything else that might be on the way. Learn more about the right foods to eat and those that you should avoid in the next article.

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