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High estrogen level causes different health problems as well as disrupt normal hormone levels.

The most common symptoms that can be a trigger to draw more attention to it are bloating, decreased sex drive, weight and fat gain, mood swings, headaches, trouble sleeping, fatigue and others.

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There are different causes to it that any person should be aware of:

Excess body fat

Fat cells store a lot of aromatase enzyme that “catalyzes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.”[1] The more fat cells there are, the more estrogen gets created. The cycle goes both ways because high estrogen stimulates the body to make more fat cells ad stimulates the production of sex hormone-binding globulin. That makes testosterone fail its function, so it reduces muscle mass, lowers stamina and energy.

Alcohol consumption

The liver is always working more when you consume alcohol because it needs to clear toxins from the bloodstream, which also includes estrogen. The liver is not so good at dealing with all the things. It is first that gets preoccupied with eliminating the alcohol toxins. So the ability to clear estrogens from the system decreases.


Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands to release stress hormones. So if you drink coffee regularly, it can lead to released inadequate hormone levels. One of those hormones is also insulin. It causes “blood sugar fluctuations, which in turn, leads to chronic inflammation.”[2] Inflammation triggers oxidative stress that can reduce the levels of testosterone and progesterone but not estrogen.

Birth control

This kind of pills contains synthetic estrogen. The body metabolizes them into estrogens that are harmful to the body as they increase different estrogen symptoms that were mentioned in the introduction. Birth control pills also increase the production of Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). It lowers the level of testosterone and progesterone, so it becomes even harder to control estrogen.


Animals have high levels of estrogen as well as estradiol which by the chemical formula is similar to estradiol also found in the human body. That means that animal products can directly contribute to estrogen dominance. It is even stated that human is “exposed to between 10,000 and 1,000,000 times more estrogen molecules.”2 Additionally, some animals get injections of synthetic estrogens because they make them grow, become bigger and gain more fat. There are also proofs that fats that are in animals also works negatively converting healthful estrogen types into more toxic forms that later lead to estrogen dominance and even hormonal cancers.

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Estrogen triggers are all around. Board Certified nutrition specialist suggests paying more attention to the diet, alcohol consumption, birth control, and other triggers. You can always find help with better suggestions. You can also read about estrogen dominance from our other articles. This can help you to lose weight and simply know more about your hormonal changes.


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