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Building A Healthier You, One Bite At A Time

Our program recognizes this, hence we focus on creating a nutritional plan that works for your unique body! We work together to come up with a plan that not only works for you but is easy to implement and adjust to fit your lifestyle and health needs. We firmly believe that every bite counts. Our goal is to create a plan that will help you make the most of your nutritional needs!

Functional Nutritionist Cupertino, California and Beyond

Staying well has become a tough task today. The cobwebs of deadlines, tight timings, and strict schedules of work as well as painful personal issues always surround our lives. Caught up in this tug of war of life, we hardly care to look at ourselves and as a result, we tend to lead an unhealthy lifestyle leading to undesirable disorders like diabetes, obesity and the like. In order to help you out with the ‘staying well’ factor, the Chen Ben Asher Wellness Clinic Cupertino, CA is always at your service…. Read More

Weight Loss and Hormones

Struggle with belly fat, fatigue, burnout, sluggishness, insomnia, decreased libido, sugar craving, muscle, no appetite or cravings, …

Weight Loss and Digestion

All Diseases starts in the GUT. Poor absorption of food can be one of the reasons of weight gain. Did you know that 80% of ourimmune …

Weight Loss and Sleep

Cannot fall asleep and/or stay awake at night?  Tossing and turning? Feeling un-refreshed in the morning ?  Tired, need mid-day nap? …

The Nutrition Store

As a Board Certified Nutritionist, I truly understand “the Healing Power of Food”. After much research and careful consideration, I selected the purest and most effective nutrients to support YOU building back and maintain your health. Check out our accessible online store for better health

Strong Immune System Healthy YOU – How Nutrition Can Help? | Chen Ben-Asher

All Diseases Begin in the GUT – get to know you GUT! | Chen Ben-Asher

Functional Medicine Vs. Traditional Medicine – What’s the Different? | Chen Ben-Asher

Client's Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Chen. I went to her to figure out a better way to lose weight. Instead I learned about food allergies I had, and essentially how unhealthy my body had become without me realizing it.
    Roya G.
    San Jose, CA
  • I have been working with Chen for about 4 months both individually and in a group. Chen inspires me - she is full of energy and knows so much about food and it's impact on the body and the mind.
    Danielle H.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • Dear Chen, I want to thank you for who you are and how you have changed my live. I would like to share review: I Hired her after seeing positive results on two of my friends.
    Shamai D.
    Dallas, TX
  • Chen Ben Asher is very Profesional and highly skilled holistic nutritionist. She not only knows her trade but she also gives all of her to her clients.
    Ayelet G.
    Cupertino, CA
  • I would highly recommend Chen for the following reasons; 1. Chen tries to see things in a big picture. She didn't give me a fix just for something which I consulted her for. She taught me a way of living (a healthy one 🙂 ).
    Rajesh A.
    Santa Clara, CA
  • I first came to Chen looking to lose weight. As I told her I just had a miscarriage and tend to mood swings, Chen said "let's get your hormones balanced first, and weight loss will come as a side effect".
    Hila M.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • I'll make it short, as I know you prefer it this way: Chen is a true professional. she's very knowledgable, compassionate and caring. She's all about helping you get on track for a healthy life style.
    H "HAK" A.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • When I first came to Chen I was a desperate broken individual, both mentally and physically. I had battled depression for many years but now my body was starting to wear down.
    S H.
    San Jose, CA
  • Really love working with Chen -- I go in for my personal consultation and she makes me feel like I can reach my weight and health goals.
    Ed B.
    Redwood City, CA
  • Chen Ben Asher was literally a life saver for my family! My dad had been diagnosed with terminal metastatic prostate cancer that had ravaged his body quickly due to his poor nutritional and mental health.
    Stephanie J.
    Palo Alto, CA
  • It was a great experience working with Chen. I lost weight and found out new tasty world.
    Ira H.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • "Hot Flashes, Sweats, Nights without any sleep - nutrition and Chen, makes such a BIG change on my quality of life. No need to suffer, no need for medication. ​Highly recommended".
    -DS, Cupertino, CA
  • "Chen took the time to get to know me. She reviewed my lab tests for the past several years. She asked lots of questions so that she could understand how my body functions and how I respond to various foods"
    -SM, San Jose, CA
  • My first visit with Chen was 5 months, and that visit changed my life ... I have thyroid problems and I felt awful. My body, my mind, my mood was in tatters.
    Nanny A.
    Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA
  • "Chen makes me feel like I can reach my weight and health goals. Instructions are simple and progressive so you aren't overwhelmed with too much at one time"
    -ED, Mountain View, CA
  • I highly recommend Chen to anyone who wants to live a healthy life. I have been fighting with weight issue for several years. I tried all kinds of different ways, low calorie diet, intense workout etc. All of them failed.
    Ting F.
    Mountain View, CA
  • Chen is very professional and knowledgeable and she has helped me to understand my body better. I started visiting Chen with the main goal of losing weight for my wedding.
    Neha Y.
    Sunnyvale, CA
  • Chen has changed the way I live, eat and conduct myself. Within the space of 6 months, I have improved the breadth of what I can eat..
    Inderjeet S.
    Cupertino, CA
  • Chen is great has helped me a lot with my issues. Before i started with her i had so much more pain and inflammation.
    Brian S.
    San Jose, CA
  • "After 2 weeks in the “Losing Weight gaining Health“ program, I noticed a huge difference!"
    - S.Z.B
  • "The Weight Loss Program helped me realize the connection between wrong eating habits and life effectiveness."
    - B.M
  • "Today I feel much better and I can now call my self a breast cancer survivor! Chen, is my guardian angel!"
    - Z.S.
  • "We are deeply grateful to Chen for her commitment, professionalism"
    S. & E. F
  • "let's get your hormones balanced first & weight loss will come as a side effect"
    - H.M
  • "let's get your hormones balanced first & weight loss will come as a side effect"
    - C.E.
  • "This practical knowledge convinced me to change my cooking diet!"
    - S.C.
  • "I lost 7 pounds, my blood pressure stabilized and my cholesterol level is declining!"
    - O.S
  • I started working with Chen 6 months ago and her process of educating me about what foods impact my body was extremely helpful;
    Yukti S.
    Cupertino, CA
  • I contacted Chen due to severe allergies and GI issues. Before contacting Chen I have been seeing multiple other doctors and nutrition consults, which didn't seem to help much with my situation.
    Steve C.
    Cupertino, CA
  • "Chen Ben Asher was literally a life saver for my family!"
    -SJ, Palo Alto, CA
  • "Chen is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive person"
    - K.S.
  • "From kale to cauliflower, whole wheat pastry to pasta, Chen finds creative ways to bring seasonal dishes with organic ingredients into the classroom!"
    - JSP
  • "Love it, great tips & easy to adopt!"
    - I.M.
  • "I am back to work and moving forward again thanks to Chen."
    - BJ
  • "...a wonderful, hands-on class that combines fun with learning"
    - ER
  • "I recommend Chen to anyone seeking nutritional counseling!"
    - FW
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